Rxjs SwitchMap Operator by example

You can get an initial starting JavaScript project configured to work with rajas and typescript. You don’t have to use typescript you don’t want. You...

How to create Git Tags

As you probably know git has the ability to tag specific points in history as being important. In this example I’ll create a Tag for...

Pass and Listen to Data using Subject in Angular

  A Subject is like an observable but it allows us to push it to emit a new data during code. I’ll start by creating the...

Angular 2: Using Route Parameters

  Let’s inspect how can we access router parameters in angular. In order to get access to route parameters we need to inject the ActivatedRoute...

Azure Functions with Javascript

In this Blog post I’ll show you how create, use and configure Azure function using JavaScript. First go to your azure Portal and when you...

CSharp Hidden Gems – DebuggerDisplay Attribute

The DebuggerDisplay attribute can help us customizing  output in the debugger windows. The first way that we can start to take some control of the...

Authentication and Authorization using Angular 4

In this blog post I’ll demonstrate how set auth0 for an angular 4 applications. Create a new client:You should see something similar to this:First install...

Authentication and Authorization using Auth0 in Asp.net Core

In this Blog Post I demonstrate how to implement Authentication and Authorization using Auth0 in Asp.net Core and Angular 4. I’ll be using JSON Web...

Using Expect Assertion library in Node

In this blog post I’ll demonstrate how to use expect assertion library, assertion libraries let us make assertions about values types, whether an array...

Adding Nodemon to our Node Test Suit

Before continue exploring testing lets add nodemon. With an automatic way to re run your test suit when you change either your test code or...

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