Monday, September 21, 2020

Xamarin ListView Fundamentals Part 1

In this blog post I’ll show you a simple way to present data in a simple interactive way. First I’ll create a simple list view...

CSharp Hidden Gems – DebuggerDisplay Attribute

The DebuggerDisplay attribute can help us customizing  output in the debugger windows. The first way that we can start to take some control of the...

Closures in JavaScript, C# and Swift

In order to understand closures in JavaScript I think is necessary to really understand the difference between Function scope and Lexical Scoping. In JavaScript we...

How to use Editorconfig

In order to assure everyone on our team uses the same critical editor settings, like spaces versus tabs, lines endings, and more. A common war...

Rxjs Scan Operator

In previous Blog post I demonstrated takeuntil operator using a start, stop interval example. In this Blog post I’ll demonstrate the scan operator using same...

Creating and Configure a DbContext in ASP.NET Core

In the last post I described how to configure Entity Framework in an ASP.NET Core Project.In this post I’ll show how to create and...

Adding EF Core to an ASP.NET Core project on OS X

In this Bog Post I'll show how to install Entity Framework Core in a ASP.NET Core Project using VS Code on Mac, In Visual...

Angular 2: Using Route Parameters

  Let’s inspect how can we access router parameters in angular. In order to get access to route parameters we need to inject the ActivatedRoute...

Simple guide for using MongoDB and deploying to Heroku

First you need to go to Heroku web site and click on any of your apps. Then go to resources and click on Find more...

Authentication and Authorization using Auth0 in Core

In this Blog Post I demonstrate how to implement Authentication and Authorization using Auth0 in Core and Angular 4. I’ll be using JSON Web...

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