How to use Editorconfig

In order to assure everyone on our team uses the same critical editor settings, like spaces versus tabs, lines endings, and more. A common war...

Angular 2: Using Route Parameters

  Let’s inspect how can we access router parameters in angular. In order to get access to route parameters we need to inject the ActivatedRoute...

Async & Await in ASP.NET

In previous posts I showed how to use the TPL and Async await using a very simple WPF demo App. In this Post I'm going to show...

ASP.NET Core + Angular 2 Template with VS Core on MacOS

First step is  to go to Here you can see the installation instructions for your operating system. If you are a windows user, the simplest way...

Adding EF Core to an ASP.NET Core project on OS X

In this Bog Post I'll show how to install Entity Framework Core in a ASP.NET Core Project using VS Code on Mac, In Visual...

Better Grouping with LINQ

Is a very simple idea of taking a dataset and splitting it into several groups by a particular key.I would like to ask you...

Basic Routing in Angular 2

In a traditional website before single-page apps, each page was served independently from the server. When you went to index.html, the browser would ask...

Xamarin ListView Fundamentals Part 1

In this blog post I’ll show you a simple way to present data in a simple interactive way. First I’ll create a simple list view...

How to create Git Tags

As you probably know git has the ability to tag specific points in history as being important. In this example I’ll create a Tag for...

Pass and Listen to Data using Subject in Angular

  A Subject is like an observable but it allows us to push it to emit a new data during code. I’ll start by creating the...

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